March 28, 2015

Music to Paint to

Mark Ronson x Bruno Mars

Uptown Funk

This isn't really music to paint to because you can't paint and dance at the same time...

When I was a kid in the early 90s, music and fashion like this ruled my life.

I was a devoted "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" fan, owned photobooks by Jamal Shabazz, and tried to dance like Savion Glover when he was on Sesame Street.

My mom exposed me to the 70s/80s New York dance scene believe it or not, she was a professional dancer herself and possesses and extensive knowledge of people like the Nichols Brothers, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and even owns a pair of Gregory Hines' tap shoes.

I used to watch this old tape on the history of dance ("That's Entertainment 1974").  It was hosted by a then-old but still handsome Gene Kelly, taking you chronologically from the earliest records of dance up until present day.

Of course, "Present Day" meant 1974, and the video closed with a fantastic breakdance scene, filming actual teens in the Bronx dancing for fun after school.

Also - film people - if you haven't seen "Paris is Burning" - you must!

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