March 26, 2015

Owari Taiko

Owari Taiko尾張太鼓』is a 250 year old style of drumming originating in Owari, outside Nagoya, Japan.  The double drums 『太鼓』are accompanied by shakuhachi 『尺八』flute playing and were performed at shrines during the autumn harvests.

My teachers Murase sensei (flute) and Kodama sensei (front)! 
They gave me my first lessons and set of bachi.
I found Murase's daughter's wedding on Youtube! Miss those guys.

I had no idea her husband was also an amazing drummer!

Junior Taiko Competition - Aichi-ken

尾張太鼓 練習ビデオ

Owari Taiko practice video

Murase sensei gave me a DVD to practice with and wouldn't you know it, I came across a video of the SAME guy!  My DVD is a copy of a very dated (like 1995ish?) VHS - so it was so cool to see the SAME GUY years later!

This particular drum beat is the hardest in the series and I have significant trouble with it.  But I'll get it someday.

Here's what super pros look like

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