March 17, 2015

Super Mario "Star Road" postcard for Gallery 1988

I recently did this tiny little painting (4.25" x 6") for Gallery 1988's Postcard Correspondence show opening on March 20th,running through April 4th.

They asked that the artists create a postcard from a fictional place or somewhere that exists within pop culture.  It was a great idea and I was so happy they asked me to participate.

I chose STAR WORLD from Super Mario Brothers for SNES!  Star World is the place that lets you access secret levels and then if you beat all 5 points on the star it opens up the STAR ROAD portal!  That's the little star on top of the hill's head :)

My sisters and I spent many hours desperately trying to beat this sucker.  I think we did once?  Can't remember...



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  1. Hello. How are you. If you don't mind. I would like to use this picture for my new album cover. If you can. Contact me on Instagram @Kaprikórnqt
    😊 thank you in advance