April 3, 2015

Derby Dames / Boston Massacre logo

 some concepts 

Even though (E) was not used, I'm excited to apply the same design to a different client for another project.

That's my favorite way to beat feeling bummed if a client doesn't go for my personal favorite - the idea just goes in the idea box for another time!  No sweat. :)

So happy the Boston Derby Dames asked me back for another logo!  They asked that the team mascot Pinchy the Lobsta be incorporated into the design.

I had lobster for the very first time this summer on Cape Cod.  Can't say I liked it.

Found out that lobsters used to be fed to prisoners on Cape Cod because they were considered the cockroach of the sea!  When Boston society started eating them they suddenly became very fashionable and expensive.


But it makes a real bad ass mascot!

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