April 23, 2015

HEROESCON Pre-Show Commissions

Hello friends,

From June 19th - 21st to Andy and I will be guests at Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina, back for our second year.

I've started accepting commission requests - you can order yours by clicking the link below.


▶ Nicey-nice pre-show commissions :

$50 for 9"x12" pencil + ink on Bristol board
sometimes a bit of colored pencil for funsies

I'm sorry pre-show painting commissions are full

▶ At the con sketches :

$30 drawing in colored pencil + ink
these are looser than the $50 ones

▶ Art Prints:
$10  - 9"x12"
$20 - 11x17"

 nicey-nice $50 pre-show commissions:
 $30 sketches:

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