May 16, 2015

Pirates of Mars publishing schedule

Hello friends!

I thought I'd share with you the timeline for when you can expect more Pirates of Mars comics!

The digital trade paperback of Pirates volume 1 is released on Comixology JUNE 17th and it will be $5.99

Then the next month, on July 8th we release a super rad "EXTRA LOOT" supplemental issue for just 0.99$ that will feature
  • a new 8 page bonus story (apologies to George Lucas) 
  • process sketches
  • updated How-to-Pirate parody!

page from new Bonus story out in July

Right now, as it stands I have a new issue of Volume 2 done and am deep into the second issue, which I expect to finish drawing this month.

thumbnail from issue 2.2

The Life of a Freelance Artist

As penciller, inker, colorist and letterer, artwork on Pirates is a rate of (thumbnail to finish) 1 completed page every 2 days, working 8 -12 hours a day. 

I wait for JJ to send me the script and the second he does I take off like a rocket, working as fast and accurately as I can.

So I'm watching from my studio window the neglected backyard, un-refilled bird feeders and un-weeded gardens.  But the comic comes first.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the readership, the loyalty of viewers who have subscribed for years, and I really really want you guys to see the new stuff!

It's so killer!  

Because this book has come back after a long hiatus I feel my artwork has improved as well.

Our philosophy is that we won't release any issues until the majority of the entire story arc is done so we don't miss any publishing deadlines, and the book comes out regularly.

Hopefully soon we can release a publishing schedule for Volume 2!

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