May 6, 2015

Pirates of Mars Soundtrack 1

Messing around in photoshop

  1. Gnarls Barkley "Run"
  2. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Red Right Hand"
  3. Gorillaz "Rhinestone Eyes"
  4. Talking Heads "I Zimbra" 
  5. St. Vincent "Marrow" 
  6. DJ Me DJ You "Because "
  7. Afro Celt Sound System "Even In My Dreams" 
  8. Beck  "Go It Alone" 
  9. The Vines "Tick Tick Boom" 
  10. Mark Foster & Kimbra "Warrior" 
You can listen to some tracks both JJ and I have been listening to while we work on these pages:

Pirates of Mars issue #3 out on Comixology!

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