June 14, 2015

Best 30th Birthday EVER

This Friday was such a lovely evening, I can't thank friends and family enough for making my 30th birthday beyond wonderful.

It was truly an embarrassment of riches...

Elaine made the supremely flavorful roast chicken, roasted beets, antipasto, risotto and there was even Chad's homemade bread with real butter!


Jan made a strawberry short cake with handmade whipped cream!
She even made me the gorgeous bouquet below from her garden.
Thank you to everyone who made it so special - I'm so blessed you are in my life!

1 comment:

  1. Your friends and family members made your birthday so beautiful, that’s really amazing! I just loved this homemade strawberry cake! Jan, how do you make this tempting cake? Well, I have booked party space rentals in Brooklyn for my son’s birthday and now I was wondering some easy cake making steps to impress my son with my home made cake. Please help me!