June 23, 2015

HeroesCon 2015 Recap


The only con appearance for me in 2015 was HeroesCon and man, it was a good one.

Not only does the con staff treat everybody really well, but the tables are flush with artists I'm personally a big fan of, so as usually I spent all my free time running around the floor like a crazy person soaking in as much visual stimulation as possible.

Personal highlights

Meeting Jonathan and Mark; new source for all my husband's Xmas + birthday gifts, as well as being incredibly fun people --- Matt Chapman is incredibly rad and even sketched a gift for my little sister! I'm also pretty sure he is part wizard.

Meeting the inimitable Andy Suriano, who is sincerely one of the greatest people on earth (makes the Dos Equis guy look like a pile of dirty laundry) as well as picking up his knock-out art book.

Breakfast with Matt Wilson and Chip --- Zdarsky (who is already one of my favorite people) kindly tweeted about my Twin Peaks painting he bought as did Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt (who I also wanted an excuse to talk to) and it quickly sold out!  Thank you guys so much for the support!

Having a conversation about difficult women + why they are awesome as well as why Twitter is evil with Matt Fraction --- Meeting Evan Dorkin and his lovely wife Sarah Dyer and talking Japanese horror comics and why it's OK not to know anybody at these cons.

Getting a killer mini print from Jake Wyatt and discussing ice cream truck menus --- running into Nathan Fox whose career, unbeknownst to him I have followed since our SVA days, and looking at his wild 3D Japanese silkscreen with Alexis Ziritt --- and making Fabian Rangel Jr. deal with my pretentious JLPT2 BS.

We were so glad super cool Devin Smith stopped by our table - he was our neighbor last year, and all around stellar guy!  Finally got to talk to Kate Breezy, Lauren Moran, Denver Zach, Caleb Goellner, and so many others that until then had just been digital data on my phone.

See you next year!  (but hopefully before)

Artwork I did:

 For Betty

For Neal

For Jordan

For Jeems

For the charity art event

 If you meet the Out of Step Arts people, check out this sick 3D Nate Fox print: 

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