June 5, 2015

Vintage Japan / Showa 40 (1965) prints + painting

Andy just got this print in from INPRNT and the quality is astounding!! 
 I can't believe how beautiful their work is!

(which I think is a bit more convenient for US customers than the Canadian based Nuvango)

Here is the pencil sketch + digital reference material I compiled to make this painting

The original painting (with the red car) is still available for sale HERE with proceeds going to charity!

Hero Complex Gallery has another year exclusivity on the original RED BATMOBILE prints - you can find them at the above link as well!

**** EDIT ****

My husband pointed out to me (because he knows all Batman-related things) that neither Batmobile was available in Japan at the time.  Which is kind of a pain because everything else was so meticulously researched, but oh well, its done now.

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