August 5, 2015

Art Supply Favorites: Holbein Acryla Gouache


Holbein Acryla Gouache is hands-down my all time favorite paint - IN THE WORLD!!


Have my eye on buying this set of 102 colors when I'm in Nagoya this fall because you only live once and it's necessary for work.

They seem expensive in the US, but my small supply has lasted me 5 years of paintings!  I'm estimating 30 - 40 paintings, therefore my return on investment has been HUGE and totally worth it.

I've used Liquitex, Golden, cheap to expensive brands, and this is the only kind of paint I ever use.

If you are in Massachusetts you can buy it at my local shop C.C Lowell's!

Nothing else comes close to the smooth viscosity, the saturated color, the matte dry finish, the light-fastness or the life of the paint itself.

Every painting I do, all my work in this material: (Twin Peaks, for example:) 

Batman series: 


UNSCANABLE - amazingly brilliant color!

Brak in "Luminous Red":


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