September 12, 2015

ARCHIE #5 cover process

Hi everybody,

I thought I'd show what went into the cover for ARCHIE 5 - which I think is out in November :)

I was kicking around some ideas:

This was my first idea, and the time I drew it had no idea Fiona Staples was already working on a similar concept for the Collected Edition.

At the time, I also had no idea what would be in the script for #5, so the image really reveals nothing about the story line.

When I was an art student at SVA, I often went to an old pool hall in the East Village that had a Seeburg Jukebox, and got excited by the idea of using the bright neon lights on the kids' faces.

In searching for jukebox reference, I came across this famous photo LIFE magazine by Stan Wayman.  The composition was perfect, so decided to pay homage.

They liked it, and I did this sketch digitally, then printed it out and inked the final on 11x17 Bristol board.   Initially, Archie in the center, and they asked if I could switch him with Jughead.  The jukebox is no specific brand, just made up.

The 11x17 inks (SOLD)

And the final:

The blue of Betty's shirt and her olive pants complete the rainbow of the warm juke neon and compliment Archie's orange hair.

Yeah, so more than you wanted to know but too bad I'm telling you everything anyway.

The printed cover has "After Wayman" written on the juke below my initials.

In very very tiny print, I've put my friends names as the songs, and one of the Archie's tunes "Sugar Sugar"

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  1. Thanks for all the insight into your process. Love the little "Easter Egg" details. Excellent color choices, too!