September 29, 2015

Veronica concept art for Archie Comics

What crazy dream is this that I get to throw my two cents in the new Archie reboot?  A really good one, that's for sure.

Here were some initial concepts I had done for Archie Comics back in May 2015.

For Veronica's wardrobe I looked at a lot of J. Crew, (staying away from Madewell, since that felt too casual for her) and Marc Jacobs.

In a small way I am so happy her character gets some real depth in the subsequent issues.

Growing up I got the Betty/Veronica jokes a lot (my grandma's name is Betty and she is blonde and super nice) and I was brunette, feisty and opinionated.  So I was under the impression that Veronica was "the mean one".

But I have to tell you, Mark Waid writes women really, really well and it fills me with an almost selfish joy that finally - the classic snooty rich-girl Veronica gets some deeper layers.

Starting to draw issue 5 this week while wrapping inks on Howard the Duck #2.  So exciting!!

More to come later!


  1. The script is brilliant, the art will be brilliant-- what's not to love here?
    Congrats to Archie and to my lovely wife-- the real Veronica.