December 29, 2015

Howard the Duck : art process

 Hello!  I'd like to share my working process for Howard the Duck issue #2 which came out a few weeks ago.

Chip, who wrote one of the greatest short stories I've ever read (and I'm so happy I had the privilege of drawing) sent me layouts since we had a somewhat short deadline.  I was able to pencil, ink and color the 21-page issue in about 2 and a half weeks.

Chip gave me freedom to go off of his outline.  Although I agreed with many of his choices anyway, it's always fun to put your own touches on things.

Below is one of my favorite panels - where Shocket touches Linda's arm lovingly - a little thing I slipped in because I adored their relationship so much. 

Chip's original layout:

My pencils + inks:
 And with color:
 My loose lines:
 Pencils + Inks:

 My wonderful husband (who knew Jack Kirby in life) did color assist on the Silver Surfer pages - because I really wanted to get the Kirby-ness in there as much as possible!  And he nailed it!

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