February 19, 2016

28 day Twitter break!

Hey friends,

I have a weird relationship with Twitter - I keep thinking about how best to use the account - whether or not to privatize it, have someone simply post my news for me or just cancel it all together.

Even when I turn off notifications, or switch it to just people I follow, somehow I still wind up reading what people are saying about my work, and I kinda don't want to know.

When you do creative work you have to distance yourself from it, that it isn't "you" it's simply what you do.  Twitter has the strange ability to make me feel more important than I really am and sometimes it interferes with my work.

So I'm taking a few weeks to decide what to do with the account - and if I reactivate it it'll most likely be made private or I may not use it personally, just use it to link to Instagram and blog posts.

ANYWAY - that's my rant, now back to work!  Lots to do!

1 comment:

  1. I know I didn't see on my page. I love your page. I hope you keep it