February 17, 2016

Archie #6 is out today!

It's new comic book day!

Archie 6 is out and we are just getting warmed up - there is so much more coming I can't wait until it's published!  This issue was so fun, I'll have more Easter Eggs soon!

Here is the original art for the cover, you can see that digitally it's been adjusted slightly to widen the format and account for the logo (which I didn't add in to the original because I am very silly)

I have this 11x17 inked art for sale if anybody is interested.

I made a silly goof in the book - which I drew while in Japan - where Reggie switches driver's sides.

The Japanese search results for the Audi pictures placed the driver's side on the right, and I didn't realize I made the flip until it was almost time to go to press.  I tried to fix it but sadly didn't make it in time - eep!

Ah well, can't worry about it too much, just make sure not to drop the ball in the future.

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