June 5, 2016

Raggedy Ann & Andy

Animation is one of my ultimate passions, and the earliest influence for art to be a career. 

I recently found one of my favorite animated movies was on Youtube, "Raggedy Ann & Andy's Musical Adventure" (1977) 

(There is no DVD release for this film, I think my old VHS might be a valuable antique by now)

It was directed by Richard Williams who would go on to do another one of my favorites "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" and principle animation for Raggedy Ann was done by the amazing Tissa David, a real industry pioneer.

It was Toy Story before Toy Story was even a thing.

Please stick around for my favorite tune "Little Rag Dolly" which comes in at about 6:38 (through to 8:51)

This movie is really dear to me for a few reasons, the least of which the labor intensive pencil animation, but the music is stellar, the voice acting is perfect and the story and characters are FLAT OUT BONKERS!  WILD STUFF!

** I can't think of another film that talks about loneliness, addiction and delusion as coping mechanisms quite like this film does. **

Watch the full film here:

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