January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, after going on and on in a frilly, hopeful fashion about how the "New Year is going to be a fresh start" and "Thank God the apartment is clean, it's like the New Year is going to be a clean start!" blah blah blah -

I got sick with a 103 (little deg. circle) for 4 days. And I'm still pretty certain I have a small fever. Something about getting near a computer and I get woozy again. Weird. But I'll tough it out to update this crappy blog no one reads.

Above is the latest painting going into the Aurora Gallery's Flora in Winter show coming this February. I've decided to stop whining about not having time to paint and just fucking do it.

Talked with my bestest buddies Misha and Laura and John over the holidays. It's so nice to know time and distance don't really matter when you're friends.

Happy New Year, everyone. Take Vitamin C and get plenty of sleep.

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