April 21, 2008

NYC Take 2

Once again, off to NYC for a weekend - not really vacation, but had a lot of fun with Audra, Lex, Misha and Dan.

Stayed at the Riverside Studios up on West 71st. If you do a Google search for this hotel, Legionaire's disease should be the first 9 of 10 results.

There are too many hilariously awful things about the room to list. Just take my word for it.

Checked out a really amazing retrospective of Jerome Robbins at the New York Library for Performing Arts (which had a beautiful Al Hirschfeld drawing), had a really great pumpernickel bagel with chive creamcheese (which made me miss the deli near my old apartment), saw Heidi's show, and got to see Audra's neighborhood - West 85th & Amsterdam. Had a Tropical at the Manhattan Diner (which consisted of a Belgian waffle with peaches, strawberries, and melon. Freakin' amazing) and a really good cup of coffee, watching all the people walking by.

Met up with Misha and Dan for the best chicken kastu curry I've ever had, pumpkin croquettes, edamame, and a huge pitcher of Sapporo. It was bliss. St. Mark's was blossoming with flowering trees, the takoyaki was steaming behind us, and the weather was perfect. We completely CONQUERED a ridiculous blueberry & pineapple smoothie.

Andy picked me up in New Haven, and we grabbed some Thai on the Yale campus. It was like old times, and the night was clear and breezy.

Saw Placido Domingo the night after at the Wang Center and cut out at intermission for some Malaysian. I love seeing Andy all dressed up, especially when paired with a fruity pink watermelon drink.

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