September 26, 2008

Photos + New Commissions

Hey, hey, guess who got a Flickr account? I figured it's best not to flood the blog with crazy amounts of photos, so flood Yahoo instead.

New Art
Tobi has commissioned me before, and every time he does I get excited - he always asks for something really fun! He's also one of the many Germans I've met who speak way superior English than me. MadMan + Death

I can't wait to get over this awful cold

September 24, 2008


Some studies of Bruce from a figure painting class at the museum. I'll have to photograph the ones I did of him while making him wear our Mille Mascaras luchadore mask.
Antonia modeling the luchadore mask for the teen painting class I taught this summer

New paintings and commissioned pen + ink pieces will be up soon! I just need to fight off this death-flu! Gotta keep the gloves up n' all that.

Basil, being no help at all

feeling deathly ill

September 22, 2008

stART on the Street Fashion!

Busy busy day yesterday; Andy and I checked out StART on the Street yesterday - all day, then immediately after that I ran home to change and go out bowling with Rafi, Bruce, Taylor + three J's.

I love going to StART on the Street, and every year I kick myself for not selling my paintings and custom shoes, but every year it really sneaks up on me. I find myself drawn more and more to the street fashion of city; it doesn't get enough credit and think I should really get a street fashion 'zine going.

It was awesome running into so many friends!
Evan + Jess and their new dog
Jake + JJ Buckmaster
Mariah Pariah + Dave

+ the fashionable rabble ...

feeling tired...
BONUS! Powa Ranjaa

September 19, 2008

Kaiju Big Battel Studios

Took a visit to the Kaiju Big Battel Studios yesterday and got to check out where the magic is made. I first heard about Kaiju Big Battel my freshman year at SVA, getting all excited at the Dr. Cube stickers on walk signals and the Battel marquee at Webster Hall.

When they said they'd happily be a part of POP Euphoria; naturally I played it professional-cool by saying "Oh, how splendid!" but on the inside I was 18 again, doing a little happy dance at the prospect of visiting their secret Somerville Secret Fortress.

Appropriately enough, they are located close to Porter Exchange, the part of Boston where I get my udon & Japanese magazine fix. A big thanks to Andy Bell and founder Randy for being so hospitable and accomodating!

relieved I got the bike - because my car COMPLETELY crapped out! Kaput! Done! Died!

September 18, 2008

Penguin T-Shirts for Start on the Street

In 20o6 I did a penguin design for the MassArt Sale; a bi-annual showcase that sells artwork, textiles, sculpture and all kinds of lovely things from MassArt students. My "Penguin-Who-Wishes-He-Could-Fly"; or more succinctly; "Herbert", sold out pretty fast.

Flash forward 2008...
Masterman Print Co. asked Andy and I to send them some designs for their Start On the Street table this weekend; so Herbert will be back in production!

5-color separation silkscreen 2 versions

feeling crazy excited! Heading out to Kaiju Big Battel Studio!

September 16, 2008

New Comic Pages + Updates

Some new pages from the upcoming Pirates of Mars collab JJ. Kahrs and I recently finished. JJ's writing was so much fun; and the steam-punk aspect was so exciting to delve into.

If you're going to SPX 08 this fall - pick one up and say hi to JJ! Y Shake his hand and tell him he looks pretty today.

Y cher Y cher Y
エコバッグ [eco bag]

It came today! I got the Autumn/Winter 08-09 Catalogue from Kinokuniya today. [No, not Cher like Sonny & ... Cher is a Japanese clothing company and only the too-cool-for-school kids get their hands on their eco bags. ]

b I got a bike! Woo! It's a super rad, all white 80's Murray with bright green handles. O Green World!

feeling pretty good! Saw a movie with Audra and bought these rain boots at Savers

September 15, 2008

New Paintings + Wall Art

Some new portraits. Acrylic on wood.
Boston doesn't get enough credit as being a city with amazing grafitti art. NYC, LA, and even Oaxaca come to mind as big-time tag cities, but one of my favorite things to do on a walk through Baahstan is check out what new stuff has appeared in this alley:

People like Faile, Judith, the Kaiju Big-Battel Street team and UFO all swing by once in a while - there is even a SUPER old-school OBEY Andre the Giant post that Shepard Fairey made back in 1991.

It makes me kind of happy though that it's enough of a hidden gem that people like the Splasher haven't gotten around to defacing it.

feeling like I'm dragging my heels today...

September 11, 2008

New Art + New Obsession

Every so often I get into this obsessive mode. I find something I kind of have an interest in, and then maybe 2 months later I'm spending 3 hours clicking through 2,348 webpages researching, looking at pictures, reading buyer's comments and generally freaking out with wanton.

It just randomly kicks in, like my Mazda's acceleration.

Current obsession:

XB-490 ElectroBike I must have it!

In art-related news ...

Working on pages for Kris W and having a fun time of it! When the first set is completed, we'll be showing some preview pages. I know you're all excited, all the billions of people who read this blog! So please! JUST CALM DOWN! Eventually everyone will get to see!

feeling very happy today, after a great bowl of tom kha gai in the park with Andy!

September 5, 2008

New Comic Pages coming soon ...

Working on a great project for Kris W; hopefully to be put on the Image schedule within a few months. More to come soon! As well as some art from Pirates of Mars.

feeling like growing a garden lately... weird