October 28, 2008

Pieces Books

Brian Reddy - former classmate and infinite source of talent - suggested a while back that I contact Pieces Books about doing a panel for their huge, insane, international comic jam.
Happily they liked the work. It was lots of fun to do ★

In other, less interesting, news ...
Had a lot of fun on Sunday, went downtown to enjoy the beautiful weather, rode my bike, went bowling with friends then made some amazing chocolate fondue with Andy and watched Sleepy Hollow. That movie will always remain a Halloween film staple - along with anything Vincent Price is in.

feeling a bit lonely

October 21, 2008

The Day from Bizarro-World

Today has been... just unreal.

1. The Field Mouse
Out cat Basil likes to act like a dog. He plays fetch ... a lot. I'm trying to work and toss him his little mouse and it's just getting distracting so I politely decline the next round of throw-retrieve.

I hear a high-pitched, unnatural sound, so I look down and the cat has brought me a real, live, very disoriented field mouse.
Not dead - very much aliiiive

I picked him up in a washcloth and held my breath to see if he had died in my hands. His little beating heart seemed to stop and he curled up with closed eyes. I turn to get a plastic bag.

With a little thump - he hurled his little body off the high kitchen table and made a break for the washing machine.
Mouse: 1 Veronica : 0

2. Alex's Car
Alex's car was stolen. Alex, who heads up the Out Reach Program from the Worcester Art Museum and so generously lends his time to underprivilleged kids - had his car stolen from the teacher parking lot of the worst school in Worcester.

Thanks, Belmont.

3. The Accident

I saw a kid get hit by a car today on my way home from the museum. It was awful.
He's okay, but he was disoriented and bleeding from the head. The guy who hit him, his windshield was completely smashed in. I couldn't tell if he was drunk or not, but he was visibly upset.

- In other news....
I've been working on a design to silkscreen onto tees for the POP opening!

feeling stressed

October 11, 2008

POP Euphoria! Art Openings + Painting preview

Here's a bit of the painting I'm working on for the POP Euphoria show I'm curating this December. Shaping up to be an exciting event, more about that later!

Keenan's opening was awesome, lots of people, lots of sales, great friends, food, laughing - awesome night all around. Alison, Mr.Spaceman, Elaine, Toni, Jonny C. and lots of other tomodachi popped by, and Keenan's lady friend even filmed the evening.
Alison is on the phone right now, please leave a message.

LOFTHOUSE - YES I had some

excited! busy busy busy go go go

October 5, 2008

Kaiju Big Battel

Just wrapped up a piece for the super-mega-awesome Kaiju Big Battel Studios. If you're in LA this fall, get yourself over to the Mayan Theater November 20th by 8pm! Bring $23 and your game face.

feeling addicted to film lately