November 30, 2008

Pink Doe Zorro

Finished the first of two sister paintings for POP Euphoria yesterday! Adding such a geometric element as the sword to the piece made me nervous, since the oil was so wet and I'm out of Japan Dryer and Walnut Oil... [ Xmas hint to Faith... ]

Here it is at about 90% completion:

The RSS feed for this blog has been fixed! Huzzah! So subscribing is now a snap, as opposed to the hop, skip, jump and tripping it was before.

been staring at a computer moniter too long

November 26, 2008

Heating up in 12 deg. weather

The show gets closer everyday! So exciting!

A preview :

clockwise: Lindsay Small, Manifest Destitute, Alexei Vella, Damien Weighill

You don't want to miss it!
Working on pages for the upcoming Detour Anthology as well as beginning new pages of Batman:1939; images coming soon.
4Thanks to Jeff Haynes of Boston Artists for interviewing me and making my work out to be much more interesting than it is in reality.

Misha's visit was lots of fun; we revelled in our Sailor Moon nerdom, ate lots of amazing Indian food, hung out in Boston with friends despite the bitter cold, snuck into see Alexa in Bye Bye Birdie, and bought lots of silly things in Chinatown.

Codeword: Blue Box!★

November 20, 2008

Minogame Progress 2 + other news

more progress on Minogame 18 x 24 Oil on wood

ZOMG validated: Veronica on Wikipedia
[I shouldn't be that excited; even Tama the Station Cat has a Wiki page; but it really made my night. ]

In other news...

Misha comes tomorrow! It's going to be a crazy day; I'm going to the gallery early tomorrow for more inventory and POP Euphoria work; then heading to South Station to meet Brian and pick up IceCream People art; then Misha arrives! We'll meet up with Pete and probably chill around Beantown before coming back for Heather's Pirate-Ninja-Going-Away-Party!

I heard my 5 year High school reunion is tomorrow - I found out from Corey today by accident at the market. He said it was arranged completely via Facebook; which I ... uh don't have an account with. Ah well.

feeling stoked and stressed

November 18, 2008

Minogame Progress

Working on the sister painting to the Pink War Horse -

Minogame progress oil + graphite on wood 18 x 24

Had a lovely time at the MFA today while waiting to speak to the MassArt Illustration class. And lo-and behold, there is a minogame sculpture in the samurai wing. The lemon custard with a little ginger cake is top notch - I reccomend it.

In other news...
Very very very busy lately : went to my grandfather's 80th birthday party, am in the middle of totally re-designing the UCF site, working on finishing 2 paintings for POP, designing the show catalog, getting a comic package ready for Top Shelf + Fantagraphics, AND cleaning the house like MAD for Misha's stay!

Went out for Kobe burgers + beer with Andy, Derek, Alison + Jamie!
I need no instructions to know how to ROCK

November 14, 2008

20 Artists Opening + Comic Art

Here is a sample of some pages I recently worked on for a great young adult graphic novel by Chandler Craig. SCOUT is a sass-mouth, Philly girl who just happens to be a shape-shifter. It was lots of fun to work on.
* * * *
Went to the 20 Artists Book Release party tonight; Andy and I were happy to be #5 + 6 in the book with shots of our studio and silly grins.
It was pretty packed - Scott + Donna did a great job of promoting the event; and books sold out within the first hour. It was awesome to hang with Zoback, Derek Ring, Alison, Haruo, Tom + a giant paper crane
★ Props to Andy on his fab write-up in WoMag about his stellar graphic novel Fly! ★
His comic is a re-imagining of a dream I had. I told him about this dream where I could fly, but couldn't control it - I just floated up and up and up into the stratosphere ... and died!
Read his book - it's much funnier than my dream

Lego Batman is so much fun! I wish I had time for video games ...

November 12, 2008

Painting Progress + Happy Blog Anniversary

YES WE DID! 1 Year of this Blog

Wow - all that intensive underground viral marketing really paid off - I have 3 readers! Research + Development here at Veronica's Blog estimate this time next year I may have as many as 6! That's a readership increase of 150% !!

I kid, of course. Thanks for reading!
Current paintingSoon to be finished and on view December 6 for POP Euphoria!
It's sister painting is in the works as well; photos soon.
In other news...
Already gotten some Xmas shopping done; which feels really bizarre.
Can we cool it with the early Christmas stuff? It's like November 5th and I'm seeing giant plastic trees and glitter e v e r y w h e r e - and this is just in the Sears Auto Center.

feeling neurotic lately. Can't find my copy of Kiki's Delivery Service anywhere...

November 9, 2008

POP! Poster!

Finished the retouches for the Pop! poster tonight; many many thanks to Curry Printing for their generosity in getting these copied.
Feeling really good about the design - I have a habit of getting overzealous with lots of competeing elements; so it benefitted from some editing.
In other news ...
One thing I miss about Audra being away is playing SNES with her - it was such a stress reliever! Or a stress-giver when the games would get mysteriously erased...
Misha is coming in just a few short weeks! Time to clean the apartment like mad.
I bought the Sailor Stars DVD set today. Weee!! I had to, it's been calling me for years

I could really go for some Secret of Mana!

November 7, 2008

Book Signing + Etc.

Andy + I are featured in the 20 Artists book coming out this November 14th. They have some photos of our studio and a great deal of text about our process and working relationship. I have yet to read it, but supposedly it's very nicely written and I didn't say anything stupid as I am prone to do during interviews. Hope to see you at the opening!

20 Artists Gallery opening + Book signing
opening Friday November 14th 5 - 8pm

44 Portland St. 3rd Floor @ Davis Art Gallery, Worc MA
runs Nov 14 - Jan 23

Thanks to Worcester Magazine for calling my painting "haunting" and saying it "delimits portraiture". [wow]

I like Obama's charisma and intelligence, but I'm not sure how anyone could turn this country's financial problems around in 4 years. The unbalance in the House + Senate worry me, too.

But, it is exciting to witness and be a part of an important milestone, and I think he'll be great for how the world sees America.

I just can't get going today

November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween + All Saint's Day! n' stuff...

Finally Halloween fell on a Friday, so one can enjoy double parties whilst accomplishing half of a weekend's to-do list.

It's worth it.
While the exhibition is drawing ever closer, my stress level is rising, but Friday night Andy and I had a lot of fun just cutting loose with friends at Gallery 242's Sasquatch Vs. The Zombies costume party + art opening.

It was too-cool-for-school.

feeling festive