December 31, 2008

Happy Year of the Cow!

Andy was incredibly thoughtful and generous, as always; getting me a candy-coated Holga camera, a smattering of lovely vinyl toys, and Handi-snacks in my stocking.

Aiko & Yuriko sent me an amazing Shibuya 109 eco bag filled with magazines and flyers.
It was so generous; they included hakama + furisode kimono catalogs.

Noelle recently got me into the Mighty Boosh. If you haven't seen it and Little Britain or League of Gentlemen are your thing - you must check it out! As a birthday gift I made her these shoes, which are based on the opening title sequence.

Andy and I went to her birthday party this week. Theme: Dress Like Noelle, which I have to say was pretty boss since she's way stylish. I went as Mod as I could.

Every year we all say "I can't believe it's already a new year" and I'm just as guilty of that cliche'. It feels like only last week Andy and I were listening to Iggy Pop while driving 1300 miles to Iowa.

The snow outside is really lovely, and I'm currently positioning my easel in front of the windows.


it's a new day!

PS Candy

Every year Andy and I make something ridiculous out of Reese's for my mom at Christmas.
This year it was Dorothy's house and the two little candy canes are the witch's stockings ...

December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas!

After a great night of cooking with Billee, Andy and I went to his annual family Christmas Eve party + grab. [Not to make your mom jealous, but I make a mean stuffed mushroom appetizer] It was great; I love when people have a great sense of humor and put in silly things (a reflective construction vest, a whoopie cushion, and a giant bag of Advils...)


We won a Wii ! Five of us threw in a bunch of Andrew Jacksons for raffle tickets, and Ad's name was picked! Yay! It's lots of fun; we hooked it up in the living room and played Rayman: Raving Rabbids.
Andy and I are currently relaxing, drinking eggnog with some Irish Creme + cinnamon, watching A Christmas Story. It's lovely. Art-making will resume tomorrow somewhere between breakfast and dinner, but for now; our little tree:


"There is never enough time to do all the things we wish, Scrooge.

The thing is to try and do as much as you can in the time you have"

- The Ghost of Christmas Present Scrooge (1970)

December 22, 2008

Christmastime is here...

One of my favorite Christmas albums is wordless; the Vince Giraldi Trio Plays Charlie Brown. It's a great set of jazz music that gets me all excited for snow and hot cocoa.

While I get nervous in large crowds, we had a nice time at the Prudential Center this week, taking in all the decorations, busy shoppers and whatnot.

Andy and I have been braving the 9 deg. weather, intense shoveling, and our bizarrely out-of-season cravings for clementines while the storm is finally petering out.

Working on lots of new projects! New comic pages will be posted soon, as well as some new paintings and silkscreens.


The POP Euphoria catalog is available online!

First 50 online orders recieve a free silkscreen print


December 16, 2008

On the Easel

Working on a portrait of Shadow

It's actually hard to look at my workspace; he's staring at me with such sad eyes!
Currently working on the photo gallery to POP Euphoria.
Thanks to Kelly + Erik N. for their amazing photography. Links coming soon.

Went to the WAM Christmas party tonight with Andy after we taught a workshop out in Middleboro.
I think I prefer slowly eating many tiny cheesecake bites over a giant slice in one sitting at a restaurant.

it is colder than no hug from your grandma

December 10, 2008

Wood Sprites

Full color version
11x14 prints $45 cotton rag paper 25 available
printed on request

Black & white version for Mark Reusch's art book.

Printed this winter, released spring 2009

In other news ...

After working on the above illustration all day, I received a fantastic mystery package.
on box: "your friend loves you!"
Misha sent me Sailor Moon swag! I basically had a Pink Sugar Heart Attack from the cuteness, and immediately had to fan myself with the sticker set tucked in the package. It really cheered me up!
Y Andy and I had a great lunch at the Gold Star Diner today. We laughed over sandwiches and coconut pie, keeping away the dismal rain outside the windows. Happy news: Andy will be exhibiting some of his graphic novel pages at MoCCA in the near future!

is happy for friends + coconut pie

December 7, 2008

Thank You

To everybody who came to POP Euphoria! last night, to all the friends, patrons, art lovers, and cool cats

Thanks for braving the cold, burst watermain down the street, traffic, the Beach Boys, Neil Diamond, and Dr. Cube.

+ thank you to whoever listed it on Juxtapoz!

The opening was fab - Peelander Z came, Dr. Cube made an appearance (which cause some Small fainting) Brian Butler brought his amazing lucha shoes, MassArt kids turned the place out, Manifest Destitute sold out in half an hour, and Andy - as always - was a pillar of sanity in all the crazy.

Stoked! Ready to hit the client list hard... right after lunch with Noelle + Andy!

December 4, 2008

POP Euphoria! THIS Saturday!

It's happening! After more than 13 months of preparation, POP Euphoria opens in just 2 days.

POP Euphoria!
International Art Exhibtion
opening reception: Saturday, Dec 6th 6 - 9pm
@ The Aurora Gallery
660 Main St.
Worcester, MA 01610

Thanks to Neil F @ , Scott Z @ WoMag , Erin D @ Blank Canvas , Nancy S @ the Telegram & Gazette , and all the other press men + women who photographed and wrote about the show this week.

For all those helping to promote this event - I can't thank you enough!