January 30, 2009

Flash previews

Flash Gordon + Dale

I'm really enjoying the gold spray paint; I think this will be a continued theme throughout the series. [ Full size shots soon ]
In other news ...
Andy and I have been cooking at home a lot lately, instead of blowing countless $$ on our usual endless stream of dining out. [ We love diners + Indian food, which is difficult stuff to recreate at the apartment ... ] But thanks to the Korean markets in the city and Trader Joe's, I'm starting to get the hang of cooking.
It's kind of relaxing in a way!
Trying to learn CSS ... making my head spin

January 25, 2009

Showa Festival

left : summer festival food stalls
right: Ghibli Room with Totoro secret tunnel, NoFace Sootball toss game + Mei photo op

Showa Tea House + Tea Ceremony demonstration
left: JR Yamanote turnstile right: odaiko + yukata exhibit

Had an awesome time today at the Showa University Culture Fest in Chestnut Hill. Alexa and I played lots of games (like a Year of the Cow milk-tossing one which was awesome) and met lots of great people.

Showa Boston is a women's university campus for students at Showa Tokyo to come and spend 10 days, a semester, or a year and a half to study English and soak up New England. The festival was something they spent lots of time and effort on - and it really showed!

Each classroom was dedicated to a different thing about Japan and Japanese culture; elaborately decorated and colorful.

School Life, Akihabara & Geek Culture, Ikebana, Fortune-telling, Horror Movies (They had an AMAZING sculpture of the girl from the RING creeping out of a huge TV!) Summer Festivals, Changing Seasons, Shibuya Centre + a Studio Ghibli Room

I met my friends Aiko & Yuriko through Showa, and hope to spend some time there again soon.
I wish American high schools did these elaborate festivals the way Japanese students do all the time; they create such a great sense of community and team work.

Why are some of my favorite photos are mysteriously missing from Flickr?!

January 22, 2009

Zanzo Moxie #2

(click for larger view)

Not-So-Chance Encounter

Original art available for purchase
9 x 12" Japanese ink on Bristol board $45

There is a secret note underneath the table I was sitting at when I drew this comic! Find it, email me the code word on it, and I'll send you a free silkscreen print!
Turtle & Boy have some issues to work out, so their drama will be on hiatus for a while
New comic in 2 weeks. :)

Inaug Blog

working hard on 3 comic projects as well as the Flash series - I really shouldn't be on the internet!

January 19, 2009

Paula For Sale + other things

Original Art Available for Purchase
18 x 24" oil on wood $300


Working on the Online Store!
This will be up on my website soon, along with prints, paintings + many more fun things.


Like other 1985 babies, the Ox is my Chinese star sign
Hopefully '09 will be a lucky year for us!

Lately I've been growing mini plants. Like most endeavors like this, they will ultimately wither and die, no matter how much tenderness or care I pour into them. But Mr. Skull Grass-Head is looking pretty healthy so far! We'll see how the strawberries and lavender go...

I love the snow on the branches

January 14, 2009

Turtle Boy Prints

Zanzo Moxie prints available!
full color 8.5" x 11" prints on heavy stock

January 12, 2009

Flash sketches

Some very rough, early sketches of the current project at my easel. The paintings are a mix of influences from the original Flash Gordon serial, with the saturation of the Dino de Laurentis film of 1980. It's lots of fun throwing these undiluted colors around!

Zanzo Moxie prints will be available for purchase here starting Thursday January 15th.
Original art for every strip also be available for purchase here the day of publication.

b watching Pee Wee's Big Adventure while painting in the living room.

January 8, 2009

Who is Zanzo Moxie?

" Chance Encounter "

SOLD 9" x 12" Japanese ink on Bristol board

To put the strip in better context : Turtle Boy

Who (or what) is Zanzo Moxie? It's a snake-oil cure-all, a poisonous flower, a losing race-horse, a circus strong-man, an Italian jewel thief, a 1920's catch-phrase, a Spanish pirate ...

It's actually my new twice-monthly comic strip in WoMag, and color versions of the black & white print will be posted here the day of publication. All original artwork is for sale.

The internet is the bane of my existence

January 5, 2009


Finished portrait of Shadow oil on wood 9x12"
Commissioned for the personal collection of Robert Reed

The POP EUPHORIA catalog is now available for purchase on the blog sidebar!
Every online order receives a small silk-screened print, as our thanks

* * * *

Re-ment kotatsu + combini food

Al & Tomoko sent us some amazing Christmas gifts from Nagoya! They remembered I love Re-Ment food! I love collecting vinyl toys; whenever Andy and I get down to NYC we raid Toy Tokyo like banshees.

RoboPicto bi-monthly comic strip coming soon ...