January 30, 2009

Flash previews

Flash Gordon + Dale

I'm really enjoying the gold spray paint; I think this will be a continued theme throughout the series. [ Full size shots soon ]
In other news ...
Andy and I have been cooking at home a lot lately, instead of blowing countless $$ on our usual endless stream of dining out. [ We love diners + Indian food, which is difficult stuff to recreate at the apartment ... ] But thanks to the Korean markets in the city and Trader Joe's, I'm starting to get the hang of cooking.
It's kind of relaxing in a way!
Trying to learn CSS ... making my head spin


  1. man if only take out was cheaper. i love cooking, but it seems like i never have the time to cook :(

    love the paintings. gold spray paint really is fun to work with!

  2. Sadly no I don't have Simon (though he sounds hot ;D) I have Raymond DiPalma, I don't know if he's new or not but he took Gary Carey's (my teacher from freshman year) place after he passed away. He's an okay teacher, I probably shouldn't have signed up for the morning class -_-;;

  3. Anonymous31.1.09

    Oh wow you have a friend who works at the Gallery Nucleus in LA?!!! I'm so jealous of your friend!

    My friend has been working on stencils and using a lot of spray paint and there's so much control needed- more than I thought!

  4. Anonymous4.2.09

    I've had to start doing the exact same thing ... now I'm trying to learn to cook Korean too, lol, but I keep asking my mom for recipes since she doesn't cook like everyone else does. :P