January 12, 2009

Flash sketches

Some very rough, early sketches of the current project at my easel. The paintings are a mix of influences from the original Flash Gordon serial, with the saturation of the Dino de Laurentis film of 1980. It's lots of fun throwing these undiluted colors around!

Zanzo Moxie prints will be available for purchase here starting Thursday January 15th.
Original art for every strip also be available for purchase here the day of publication.

b watching Pee Wee's Big Adventure while painting in the living room.


  1. Anonymous12.1.09

    OOoh nice sketches. Very dynamic.

  2. Anonymous13.1.09

    wow your sketches look like complete artworks on their own! i wish my sketches were like that.

  3. Anonymous14.1.09

    Your style is a perfect match for this kind of Retro SF adventure. Great sketches. :)

  4. Anonymous15.1.09

    Wow! These sketches look awesome...I can't wait to see what this is gonna turn into!!

  5. Your drawings are beautiful !! x3