January 5, 2009


Finished portrait of Shadow oil on wood 9x12"
Commissioned for the personal collection of Robert Reed

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* * * *

Re-ment kotatsu + combini food

Al & Tomoko sent us some amazing Christmas gifts from Nagoya! They remembered I love Re-Ment food! I love collecting vinyl toys; whenever Andy and I get down to NYC we raid Toy Tokyo like banshees.

RoboPicto bi-monthly comic strip coming soon ...


  1. Anonymous5.1.09

    Oh wow "Shadow" is amazing! I love the colours and how the light bounces off the dog's coat. Paintings on wood are always beautiful.

    Rement food is so cute!

  2. Anonymous6.1.09

    awwww the portrait is so pretty! It's really beautiful ^_____^ I love dogs~

    You went to SVA! My cousin who lives in Manhattan graduated from there last year!!! yay~

  3. i think i saw some of those re-ment thingies in chinatown in elizabeth center. or they might i have been different, i can't remember O.o

    love the painting, it came out great!

  4. wow, that painting is beautifullllll!!!!!!!!!!! :)) reminds me a lot of my dog.