January 25, 2009

Showa Festival

left : summer festival food stalls
right: Ghibli Room with Totoro secret tunnel, NoFace Sootball toss game + Mei photo op

Showa Tea House + Tea Ceremony demonstration
left: JR Yamanote turnstile right: odaiko + yukata exhibit

Had an awesome time today at the Showa University Culture Fest in Chestnut Hill. Alexa and I played lots of games (like a Year of the Cow milk-tossing one which was awesome) and met lots of great people.

Showa Boston is a women's university campus for students at Showa Tokyo to come and spend 10 days, a semester, or a year and a half to study English and soak up New England. The festival was something they spent lots of time and effort on - and it really showed!

Each classroom was dedicated to a different thing about Japan and Japanese culture; elaborately decorated and colorful.

School Life, Akihabara & Geek Culture, Ikebana, Fortune-telling, Horror Movies (They had an AMAZING sculpture of the girl from the RING creeping out of a huge TV!) Summer Festivals, Changing Seasons, Shibuya Centre + a Studio Ghibli Room

I met my friends Aiko & Yuriko through Showa, and hope to spend some time there again soon.
I wish American high schools did these elaborate festivals the way Japanese students do all the time; they create such a great sense of community and team work.

Why are some of my favorite photos are mysteriously missing from Flickr?!


  1. that is so cool! i agree, we should do that here. but american kids are "too cool" for cooperation ;A; man, why???

  2. yeah... that looks awesome. I spent a year abroad in Japan in highschool. I was out in the country and my host mother brought me to this town WAY out in the country called Totoro where they actually had a shrine dedicated to the character from Miyazaki's film. Hundreds of little totoros made by little kids. I think I have pictures of it somewhere...

  3. Hi ~ Thanks for your comment :D
    I wanted to reply earlier but couldn't find your blog T^T

    That festival looks fun :o
    There's nothing like this where i live ><

  4. hmm, well I can understand why they wouldn't be crazy about a year off, but i don't want to come back and find out i'm not enrolled there anymore ;A;

    did you actually take the year off?