January 22, 2009

Zanzo Moxie #2

(click for larger view)

Not-So-Chance Encounter

Original art available for purchase
9 x 12" Japanese ink on Bristol board $45

There is a secret note underneath the table I was sitting at when I drew this comic! Find it, email me the code word on it, and I'll send you a free silkscreen print!
Turtle & Boy have some issues to work out, so their drama will be on hiatus for a while
New comic in 2 weeks. :)

Inaug Blog

working hard on 3 comic projects as well as the Flash series - I really shouldn't be on the internet!


  1. ooooo i want to leave secret messages in my images!

  2. hahahaha!!!! Too funny. I love the secret message thing too. Very cool.

  3. Ha! Sorry, just making myself laugh thinking Turtle might be "just not that into you" and Boy might be a stalker!

  4. Argh, I'm such a sucker for secret puzzles and notes. You'll see me next week in Worcester still searching under tables.

  5. Postcard size magnets of this comic would be boss for wallpapering the fridge etc. It it so effing beautiful and funny. I don't blame Boy. Turtle's got a cute butt!

  6. I really like this Zanzo Moxie strip. Great style. Check out my attempts at comedy at sodaspeak.blogspot.com.