March 23, 2009

Back in Bid-nez

Photo Montage Part I of my voyage fantastico to Houston, TX

I also did some sketching on the flight, which I'll post very soon.

The trip was really lovely; it was great to see my aunt and grandmother again.
The food was stellar - mostly texmex and authentic Mexican food; we stayed away from Cajun since we're not really into heavy pepper. Maybe next time!

In Boston, the streets are old and winding, the buildings are colonial brownstones, and everybody is professional and private - but I couldn't get over how big and wide Texas is! The entire horizon is completely flat and the interstates loom up like giant rollercoasters. I love Spanish-style homes; so it was nice to check out the palm trees and red clay rooves.


Andy got me flowers just before I left for Texas.
They are at the end of their lifespan now, but lovely nonetheless.


// This is an Annie Oakley burger with red onions and bleu cheese. I'm not sure what kind of horrible damage it's done to my body; but as you can see by the Diet Dr. Pepper, I make healthy choices.


  1. the photos look great! are the flowers really as pink as they look?

  2. thanks for your visit to my blog and commenting in my chatbox ^^
    wow u have gorgeous pictures!

  3. Wow! Such beautiful photos!
    Enchiladas. Gimme.

  4. They are flautas! I would hurt people for them...

    Thrila - the photo is tinted a bit purpley- they are lighter :)

  5. Anonymous24.3.09

    great photos (yumm cherry limeade!) :) i want to visit texas just to try the food :p my dad is from there so maybe i'll tell him we should go visit soon.
    & how sweet! those are such pretty flowers~

  6. that burger looks delish .. :)