March 29, 2009

gonna need a montage ...

Sketches of my Aunt's cat

Photo Montage Part II of trip to Houston, TX

Breakfast on the balcony, Mexicana flores, greenapple torte at Shade, & Bayou Bend

We had this really creepy waiter at Shade - I got the feeling he was watching us from the farthest end of the restaurant all nervous and sweaty that somehow he'd screwed up his lines about what part of the Atlantic the fish came from ...

He had a habit of floating around our table in a meandering circle with his eyes wide open - without blinking. But it's all good, because the food was great and so was the company.


>> Working on many pressing projects all at the same time; so I may disappear for a while into the recesses of the studio


  1. OMGSH!!!! im response to your former post, YOURE GOING TO KAIJU BATTLE!?!? omggg!! i met the creators at Comic-Con and he gave us free t-shirts and stuff! ooo i hope u have fun!

    and your kitty sketches look PRO! seriously. so cuuutes.

  2. Hannah you are so cool! Thanks for the kind words :)

  3. seriously ^^ what my sister hannie said.....amazing kitty sketches! your blending is like, incredible.

    and that garden looks very beautiful in the texan sun :)

  4. Great sketches as usual ! (... and great post title ;))

  5. I love the sketches~ The eyes are so big & cute!
    & the pictures from texas are great. that little blue house is adorable. it reminds me of the far away downs in AUSTRALIA (did you watch that movie yet?)
    but lol.. what's up with the creepy waiter? :p