March 6, 2009

March is Diet Month

self-promotional image

There are many bagels and donuts in here
... and a giant coffee roll

HAHA No, no it is not. No month is diet month for me. I act like it is doing girly things like "Oh please, no more buffalo wings, just one is good for me" but I AM LYING. I love good food.

Really living, in a deeper sense of the word, means engaging all of your senses. See great art, hear great music, smell and taste great food ... and hug somebody.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I saw ghost letters today, faintly covered up with a thin layer of fresh paint that read "ALL PROCEEDS GO TO ORPHANAGES" ... it was written on the side of a strip club ... hmm


  1. Anonymous6.3.09

    that's right girl~ that's the way to live :)

  2. Anonymous6.3.09

    ever thought about making t-shirts? :P

    omgg yay for no diet! I wouldn't be able to stand a restrictive diet. :/

  3. i love the heart donut. bah i don't want to go on a diet but i have to watch what i eat. i gained weight from the beginning of the school year :<