March 5, 2009

Zanzo Moxie #5 + other things

The Maiden Heist premiers at the Worcester Art Museum this week, and while Andy and I were asked to attend the after party, I think my dad's bluegrass concert will be much more entertaining.

I just checked, and somehow I didn't blog about The Maiden Heist back when they were filming at WAM and I "accidentally" showed up to "make some copies" We basically watched them film second unit stuff which included a box being rolled back and forth, and watching the crew have lunch.

Andy and I are dying without the Office! We finished watching every episode chronologically on Netflix Watch Instantly, and now we're up to Season 5 and have already missed 10 episodes in the season! [boo] Ah well, we'll probably start catching up on the Mighty Boosh or Flight of the Concords.

Long Lost Laura
Last week I hung out with my awesome friend Laura Clark. It was actually pretty movie-magical how we met for the first time in 5 years. We agreed to meet at Coolidge Corner one night, so I hop on the bus at Brigham Circle. As I'm fumbling around for a dollar for the bus driver, I'm appologizing and getting all flustered - someone slides one in the machine and pays for me! It was Laura!

>> If you live in Boston and enjoy good things, you should check out her comedy troupe The Dowry, and catch them at Improv Boston. PREVIEW: Life Support Sketch

Working working working ...

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  1. Anonymous5.3.09

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  2. what they hell? ^^ lol random spam. the comic is sooo cute :D

    i hate missing out on shows. right now i'm trying to catch up on fringe :(

  3. Anonymous6.3.09

    im not a fan of comics but that's cute hhe

  4. I'm ushering at The Hanover tonight, interested to see the movie.

    Expect a blog post roundup sometime tomorrow.