May 20, 2009

Wallpaper // Love is Contagious


For Illustration Friday's theme of "Contagious." This piece has kind of an interesting story. {Interesting, I'm sure only to me or other graphic design geeks }

1. Initially, the pink line at the bottom "contagiously" starts to kind of colorfully infect the other lines, and it bleeds into ordered chaos.
2. But it was fun to see what the image looked like mirrored, which turned out to be a stronger piece.
3. After turning it upside-down, the concept of "contagious" goes a step further, turning into a heart, and there's the final result.

1. 2.

The drawing was done on a small piece of clay board about 6"x9", then scanned and digitally colored.
Most of this is accidental, and that really pleased me, so I thought I'd share this rambling process work!

>> Oh! Almost forgot - I've also moved all my Zanzo Moxie comic strips to
it's own blog

feeling all kinds of sunny today! Ran into this girl in Boston.
Her Rubix cube bag was custom made in Korea!


  1. Love the bag. I wish I could buy it for my daughter who learned the "algorithm" to solving it. I have no idea what she means by that.

  2. love this piece! actually, i just finished visiting all your blogs. amazing work all around.

  3. Babel - she's a genius!!

    Donny - thanks for the kind words!

  4. I love the wallpaper :D I am definitely going to use this, I used to have tons of wallpapers with pictures and what not, but now I've really gotten into patterns and the like.

    That bag is awesome, I've been digging a lot of Korean made things lately, they just look so nice!

  5. Anonymous22.5.09

    Fantastic colours! Have a good weekend ;-))

  6. Oh wow, I really like the colors. I also like it upside down XD well with the big heart in the middle being upside down =o

  7. haha i'm not you or another graphic designer, but that is an intersting story. the piece is great!
    p.s. can you make a feed for your zanzo moxie blog? i want to put it in my reader n_n

  8. Guess what wallpaper I have now? Hehe.

    Oh I love the bag that girl has.

  9. Thank you guys so much for the kind words!

  10. Ooh, that's pretty cool how you got to your end result. I love the beautiful colors you used!~

    That girl in the picture sort of looks like my friend... weirrrrd..