May 23, 2009

The Mad Dr. Grood

Dr. Grood  // acrylic on paper // photoshop enhancements

This image is being made into a series of prints as well as a t-shirt;

In other news ....
Happy Graduation to all my friends at MassArt! We went to Bamcat's grad party, which was awesome. Not only was the food amazing, but her family's house is a magical wonderland out of Kiki's Delivery Service. I was fascinated with it. {and the sangria}

Alex enjoying delicious Sangria

Feeling really good about the show progress ~

Did a test run of the clear resin for our limited edition toys, and they are looking great! Images soon ...


  1. thank you for commenting :]
    all of your art is so pretty~

  2. omg! rainbow hair ftw~


  3. Wow. I like the vases in the picture. Haha, Kiki's Delivery Service. That would definitely be a fun house to live in.

  4. I feel like the distinguished gentleman is a mystic or sage, rather than mad. Another beautiful and awesome image.

  5. Mmm, that's a good point, Andy, he does look pretty calm, haha

  6. happy grad to all your friends!

    and what do you use for your art? do you do it by hand or computer? colored pencils!? paints? please excuse my ignornace!

  7. His beard looks like candy.

  8. Your new artwork is really nice. I love how the colors match :)
    Can't wait to see what will it be like when its being made into a t-shirt!

  9. I made your Dr. Grood piece the background on our computer at Blick, and everyone keeps saying how awesome it is. One of my managers spent a long time admiring it (after me, of course). :)