May 27, 2009


Currently work on ...

NYOKA: Girl Adventurer
It's kind of a reworking of the 1930's serial

Within the next couple weeks I'll be blogging more process shots of my artwork. {And how we are making our brain toys!} Sometimes I get overwhelmed while doing piece, I think I have everything worked out at the sketching stage, then as I'm working I think "OH! No no, wait, I'll do this" Photoshop has allowed me to create about 238,504 different versions of the same idea - it's a curse and a blessing!

Lately I've been having lots of fun experimenting with paint pens and masking fluid; spraying some areas of the painting with iridescent enamel. You can see the gold shine better here:

Had a lot of fun going overboard with the thrift shopping this week; 3 separate trips with myself, + Andy, + Noelle & Maddy // Found some cool stuff ...

Anchor pin. Bought brass chain separately + sprayed white

Found at Saver's for $3.50
I've always wanted a pair of Chucks!

Now I finally have them, just half a size too big.


  1. Haha, the anchor seems to go with everything.

  2. I love the hair in the uniform. Really cool pic!!

  3. Anonymous6.6.09

    Oh, I so know what you mean about too many choices. It's very time chewing!! BTW when are you going to open an online shop so I can buy a print, I can't get to an exhibition, it's just cruel!

  4. Hi InkCaravan!

    I will be opening a print store online very soon! Thanks for your interest!