June 30, 2009

Bang Bang Sushi

BANG! // 8x10 graphite on bond // digital coloring

The original pencil drawing as well as an archival print are currently hanging at our Atomic Hearts show at Space 242. Please call Ami Bennett, gallery director for purchasing inquiries.

Andy and I had a great weekend zipping around Metro Boston. After teaching a comic workshop to teens at the Arlington library, we got some great bento boxes from Mr. Sushi.
There was only one other pair in the restaurant, which made it atmosphere nice and peaceful.

ready to go on my next set of paintings - yeehaw

June 27, 2009

Atomic Hearts Opening ♥ Thank You

we had a great turn out!

I can't express my gratitude enough to the people who came to our opening last night! Especially our friends from Worcester (and Houston, TX!) who made the trip out to Boston for us. It means a great deal!

We had a really great night; many thanks to the good people at Space 242 who hung a massive amount of artwork! There actually were so many there are about 6 small pieces that I took back with me and I'll be putting them up for sale shortly. More pictures of the show soon.

Thanks to the inimitable Lindsay + Bamcat for their amazing contributions

feeling inspired! ready for the next set of projects

June 25, 2009

Atomic Hearts ♥ opens tonight! // Fri. 6.26

ATOMIC HEARTS + the Electrical Brain

new work by Andy Fish + Veronica Hebard
featuring Lindsay Small + Allison Bamcat

Opening reception // Friday June 26th, 6-8pm
Artist Talk // Tuesday July 21st, 7-8pm

SPACE 242 // 242 E. Berkeley St. Boston, MA

Ami Bennett, the super cool gallery director of Space 242, approached Andy and I in the beginning of March to ask us if we wanted to do a two-person show in June. Being a bit ambitious, we agreed, deciding we'd do all new work - about 150 new pieces combined. (Yikes!)

It's been really great, at least for me personally - to just go gangbusters and make new work constantly. Usually I mull over a piece for a little while, deciding if I want to make a series out of it. But I really enjoy just going nuts, knowing there is no time to go back and forth over ideas.

But happily, we did it! And there is great work from our friends Bamcat + Lindsay Small in the mix as well, we hope to see you there!

If you can't make it, I'll be posting lots of pictures, including the actual finished pieces (the process work of which I've been blogging about for a little while)

I'm excited to begin on my next series. Lately I've been inspired by food photography and lots of geometric patterns from 60s era kimonos.

You want this. It's an amazing (and relatively healthy) frozen yogurt from BerryLine in Harvard Square.

June 23, 2009

LePen day-glo drawings

A few small drawings done in LePens

It's not surprising that when I find a set of pens or inks that work exeptionally well it says "Made in Japan" on the side. LePens are great quality, highly reccomended even if you don't plan on using them artistically - the inks are really saturated and the tip stays in good condition for a long time. You can usually find them for $1.35 each.

A preview image from the Space 242 limited edition silk screen poster! Each of us, Andy, Allison, Lindsay and myself did a two-color separation design, and the good people at the gallery are printing them up for us right now. We used the images for our recently re-designed website! hebsandfish.com

The show will have lots of great illustration, hand made toys, posters + prints -
we hope to see you at our opening reception this Friday!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

a package of birthday gifts from Japan, it was such a lovely surprise, I didn't even know they knew my birth date. It's always touching when someone remembers a small thing you told them.

Q-Pot comes with a chocolate bar that opens into a tote bag

June 20, 2009

Heart Assasin + Making Brains

a limited edition archival print available for purchase at the show

We dropped off 140+ pieces to the good people at Space 242 this afternoon! Wow! Our undying thanks to the staff for hanging all that artwork. We leave math business to the professionals.

a small photo montage of our resin brain-making process

  1. Bought a children's set of rubber crafting material called "Zubber". (Used to make your own knock-off "Live Strong" bracelets)
  2. Made the rubber molds around an old Simpsons' toy that came with a tiny brain. The rubber molds dry in under 1 hour.
  3. Went with Easy Cast Clear 1-to-1 resin casting kit.
  4. Cut small hearts from scrap vinyl using a small die-cut (It came in real handy, thanks Lin!) then dropped the heart in after pouring the molds and centered with toothpicks.
  5. Letting the molds dry (Using pushpins in cardboard to hold them upright)

The total cost of materials were around $25. During humid days, the drying time for the resin was awfully slow, and some batches were not usable. But when it works, the rubber-to-resin finish is under 9 hours.

I would reccomend trying out Easy Cast if you are attempting casting for the first time. I'd like to try another cast using the traditional large jug of pure resin and adding in small drops of catalyst, instead of pouring in a 1 to 1 ration of solution. Measuring perfectly can be tricky!

Aiko & Yuriko sent me the most wonderful birthday gift : Q-Pot Mook
I'll be blogging pages from this very soon {including an amazing hamburger ring}

June 17, 2009


ere are some color comps of the WoMag cover.
I don't usually work completely in Adobe Illustrator - sometimes it's out of my element to arc a point on a line instead of just drawing it. I need this Wacom tablet like Vitamin D!

The planets are aligned in some bizarre way this week, two cover illustrations are running at the same time : The Boston Weekly Dig + WoMag. Thanks to Doreen Manning for asking my input on the artist community here + Brittany Durgin for the excellent photography. Thanks to Tak Toyoshima at the Dig for promoting the show.

{Maybe you recoggnize our sensetive wrestler - his 11 x 14 print was my first Blog Contest prize - Thanks to everyone who gave him such hilarious names + backstories!}

I'll be doing another print contest very soon!

Next post // MAKING BRAINS


Thank you so much to Juxtapoz.com, UpperPlayGround, ConventionScene, Quotes/Unquotes, Illoostrations, + PinStripe Kulture I honestly can't thank you enough for the plugs

June 14, 2009

NES Love + daily things

Some birthday presents // I picked up a fantastic book of Japanese prints (about 1820s - 1840s) at the Museum library sale. The cat flashlight is battery-less, it gets a charge by squeezing the little handle. {And it reminds me of our cat Basil.} Andy got me some fantastic photobooks of silkscreen gig posters, and thanks to Billee for making that AMAZING pineapple angel food cake!

The above image is a design I refined down from this image into something more suitable for t-shirts! I hope to add lots of cool tees and prints on my online art market, Modus Lotus Projects.

More desktop wallpapers, fashion illos and another print contest coming up soon!

Andy and I just got back from presenting at Pecha Kucha Night at lovely Bocado. It was a great night of cool images and idea-sharing.

I've wanted that cat flashlight for a very long time. Satisfied.

June 10, 2009

Strawberry Deer

Strawberry Craving // 9x12 acrylic + ink on panel
available for purchase at ATOMIC HEARTS show June 26th Space 242, Boston, MA

I did a massive updating of my website; badly needed! There you can also find a catalog of all the desktop wallpapers from this blog. I'll be posting new ones soon, as well as another print give-away.

I'll also be selling some prints over at Modus Lotus Projects. There are only two there right now, but it will be updated with more very soon! ML Promotion // If you tell me in your order that you read my blog, I'll give you FREE SHIPPING

Thank you so much to Brian Goslow at ArtScope magazine for coming to the studio and previewing the show! I'll post a link to the article as it's published. Thank you to Sweet Station for blogging about some of my illustrations!

Congratulations THAO! You won the Lucha print!

My birthday is Friday! We're going to the museum's art book sale then into Boston for some great Indian food and a film at the Brattle.

June 5, 2009

Contest! Win A Print!

Hello friends

This week I'm giving away this limited edition print! If you'd like to enter, it's real simple:
  • Leave any comment! = 1 Entry
  • Name This Luchadore = 2 Entries
  • Name Him & Why He Got His Rainbow Tat = 3 Entries
Please back-link or leave an email address for me to contact you!

Archival print on watercolor stock // 11" x 14" // signed

♥ Winner announced June 10th

We hang the show in only 15 days !

June 1, 2009

Art All State '09 + other things

AAS asked me to design their annual event logo, which was a pleasure. AAS operates on the idea of limited time + materials but limitless possibility + creativity.

It was such a crazy weekend! From Friday to Saturday, Andy and I were mentors for Art All State 2009. It was very exciting to work with so many motivated teens - it really beats the glitter + pipe-cleaner workshops I used to teach my first year at the museum

The students were fantastic - they completely transformed the studio into a new environment, creating really cool geometric grid patterns with the ribbon.

ART ALL STATE '09 : Studio 204 // Artists : myself + Tom Grady Allowed Materials : Pushpins, Colored Ribbon + Styrofoam // Time : 36 hours

I'm in the pink froofy shirt kneeling in front of Tom

Then yesterday morning at I hoped two trains to get to NYC to see my sister's final performance at dance school. She was stellar, as usual. Went to Kinokuniya for some half-price mags (they were back issues so I cleaned up ) and chicken katsu.

Thank You to Gawker Artists + The Journalista for mentioning my illustration work!