October 9, 2009

Fall Fashion '09 + 森ガール

Here is a recent spread I did for a new street fashion magazine, MASS LOOK BOOK; set to debut in 2010.

I love fashion illustration; not necessarily because I enjoy drawing pretty girls, but textures and patterns are really inspiring. I love the current trend of mori-girl 森ガール in Japan right now. Mori is Japanese for forest, meaning this is the type of girl who grows her own apples, wears a straw cloche hat with a daisy in it and probably raises foxes. Quelle romantique!

♫ I found some music for you to match the mood! ♪
Fuuraibou is Japanese for "wanderer"

Here are some reference points to mori-style,
featuring one of my favorite actresses, Aoi Yuu.


  1. I love reading Spoon. The mori girl look is really romantic in a rustic (?) way. Not very practical for my everyday life, though, haha.

  2. Anonymous9.10.09

    omg twee has made it's way to Japan. Twee is the best!!!

  3. Haha, okay I Googled 'twee' and now feel complete.

    You know what's amazing is some girls wear the layers, furs and wool in the SUMMER. Wow. Dedicated!

  4. Great sketches!

    Hahaha Aoi Yuu is totally a Mori girl.

  5. These are beautiful illustrations! I'm psyched for Mass Look Book! I sometimes wear an ugly fleece hat around the house in winter. The gal at the stove with the hat on reminded me of that. Hers is way better though.

  6. Beautiful drawings!

    I bet those girls feel really warm all the time. Perfect for winter time! :D

  7. Aw, the mori fashion is so cute. & your illustrations are wonderful keep it up Moomin fan (^.^)

  8. Thanks for the kind words!

  9. Yes! 森-系!!!!! I think it's really attractive. A very zakka oriented fashion style! Your spread is gorgeous! Really, those are my favorite key items of the look.

  10. Honestly, you are supremely talented. I love your style and use of colors. I will be back, please keep updating!

  11. this look is everywhere!!! i never knew what it was called... and i live in japan! thank your for being so educational ;p

  12. you're kind of amazing
    i officially idolize you now
    are you maybe able to make some of those mori-girl prints for sale?
    and yes
    i love aoi yuu
    she's so angelic!
    like sERSLY!

  13. this is totally the wrong thing to comment on considering your beautiful drawings, but that whatever is on that pot in the background of the first photo is kinda appalling.... she should know as a mori girl that that's the best way to get offensive forest critters in your kitchen!!

  14. Thanks for the kind words everybody!!

    Hilary - HAHA I know - it's like she's making gruel but hasn't clean up since like 1983 ... eew