November 25, 2009

Bluebirds & Fuschia

recently completed painting

It's been a really busy two months for us - way busier than usual! I enjoy being busy, though - I think being stagnant is my biggest enemy. (Bowser used to be my biggest enemy, then I beat him, now it's stagnation)  I am lucky to have many wonderful clients working on some great projects, but it's going to be nice to have Thanksgiving off.

Andy and I are celebrating our first Thanksgiving together!  For 5 years we've spent it apart, with our respective families (who live far away from each other).  We're not even bothering with dishes - it's out to eat, baby, and we're stoked.

  some photos from our last trip to La Fiorentina Pastry Shop, Northampton

Now all I can think about is food ....


  1. Neat painting! I always love the colors you use.

    So, where are you going out to eat? I still don't know what's going on this Thanksgiving for me. Hopefully whatever I do, though, I get to eat a lot of yummy stuff, haha.

  2. Not doing dishes is always a plus!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. oooh Harney and Sons tea... it's my fave!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Andy! Your plans sound great!

  4. Thanks for the kind words!

    Next year, we have to have Turkey day together, Alison!

  5. 'Now all I can think about is food ....'

    You are not alone! lol

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving ^^ eating out ftw!
    & I love your painting =) the colors are cool~

  6. This painting is one of my fav's!!

    and no one beats Bowser!! NO ONE!!!

  7. I love the colors of this painting and the little birds peeking out.

  8. Anonymous24.12.09

    Hello, dearie. La Fiorentina was a fav place of mine while at Smith ... the gals in my dorm gave me a bridal shower featuring their fabulous Tiramisu. I am hoping you visited Smith's art museum while in town ... and possibly, Sylvester's for the best breakfast known to man.
    Love and hugs to you.