January 17, 2010

Asebino - an onsen obsession

So lately all I can think about is just getting married already.  If you asked me a few years ago, I would've said "Naaaah I don't want to get married - it seems overrated."  But now that it's been a few months of being engaged I'm like "Let's do this thing!  WOO!"

It's not in the sense of rushing anything or wanted to skip to our honeymoon in Japan, but for me it's like Christmas and I already know what my present is - AndySo I just want to open it already! October 2010 is a very long ways away!

In my spare time I've become obsessed with looking at Japanese onsen.  It's becoming a problem.  We're only stay at one during our visit, and I've literally looked at hundreds of options.  

For some people, visiting the Grand Canyon or Niagra Falls or the desert is a form of spiritual enlightenment.  Journeying to a place where you are in complete awe of the natural world.  It's kind of how I feel with the hot springs.  Different kinds of water are said to heal different ailments and I really don't think I can stand 98˚ Celsius water!  So I'm being quite selective.
In my extensive - and probably psychotic - searching, I keep coming back to Asebino.

Ahh the serenity!

Speaking of nature, here is the only new work I can show right now - a pair of recently commissioned shoes.

We got a new visitor this week!  Alley is a sweet, lovable 6 year old.  She never barks and is extremely well-mannered, but I can't help thinking how much she'd look like Nick Nolte if we put her in a Hawaiian shirt.

My other projects are under wraps for a while - 
but I'll have some new desktop wallpapers and Valentine's tees ready soon!

Happy long weekend


  1. Right now I'm in that "getting married is overrated" sort of phase. Being married might be nice, but the actual ceremony... hmm. I'm sure I'll warm up to the idea eventually, though. I bet you'll have a lot of fun at your onsen. The one time I had a chance to go to one I turned it down, but that was a while ago. I think I'd really enjoy it, now.

  2. Loooooooool, nick nolte hahahahaaa! I miss that... it's very Conan vintage XDD

    God Onsen pics are like crack!!

    I'll say that our stay at the onsen was the MOST honeymoon part. It was like we were taken away from busy Earth and transported to a private heaven! So, so, soooooooooo rejuvenating!

  3. omg if I went to that onsen I would never come back!! I want to live there.

  4. What a cute dog :D Ah, my friend and I were planning a trip to Japan this summer, but unfortunately I have waaaay too much to pay for to go ._. The onsen looks so nice too! I didn't know about it's healing properties. And I love the shoes, it looks so serene and calm!

  5. Asebino looks like heave on earth! Definitely.

    Awwwww Alley looks so sweet and adorable!

  6. Wow, just wow @ those hot springs photos. So beautiful! I plan on honeymooning in Japan as well, you'll have to post pix when you do!

  7. Rachelle - I know, SVA is so expensive! But you should travel anyway :D

    Erin - I'm afraid when we get there, the water will be too scalding for such a white, white girl as myself :/

  8. Wow! The onsen place looks so lovely! That's the dream!

    And Nick Nolte comparison is hilarious! I know of a shaggy-haired pup that looks similar to that there one and now I'll be conjuring images of The Nolte everytime I it! GAAAHH!

    Also - Valentine's Day tees? Ooo! Can't wait!

  9. LOL at the puppy comment
    but yeahhhhh
    onsens i've never been to one, i really didn do that much when i went to japan but it's really hard to do stuff when ur by yourself 24/7

    anyways, congratulations again! i can't wait for you to go to japan XD

  10. Wow Emma! Traveling by yourself must have been amazing!

  11. AHAHA - Abby vs Nick -- too funny!