January 13, 2010

KC-130 + Nami

Here is the finished product ...
KC-130 + Nami

with some half-tone

These are my favorite characters in the graphic novel I'm working on with JJ.  KC-130 is a robo-bodyguard of sorts, whom Nami, a tiny savant with cool headphones, decides to make her personal jungle gym. He gradually becomes less annoyed with her presence throughout the book.  JJ writes such great characters!

See it this month at SPACE 242's "I ... We ... ROBOT" show 
242 E. Berekely St. Boston, MA   //  opening January 29th 2010

my toys

Andy and I had a great dinner at Apsara's on Park Ave. If you are in Worcester, you should check out the Southeast Asian there - the food was amazing!  We ate on the platform - you take off your shoes and put your legs through the sunken floor.  We ordered curry, beef skewers, a pot of tea, soup, rice and spring rolls for $25. 

Then came home to eat this monstrosity ...


Otherwise life is the same - working here in the studio on projects and teaching a few teen classes at the Worcester Art Museum.  I did, however, mess up my left knee cap something fierce!  It really hurts!  It pops and cracks when I bend it, I'm hobbling around the house like Tiny Tim.


  1. .......I'm practically drooling with hearts in my eyes! *-----*

  2. i like your illustration... ^_^

  3. Ooo half tone makes it look so different~ ^^

    ...OMG, I hope your knee gets better o.0

  4. Sunken floors are the bomb! Dangling legs and all~~

    Yikes, you might want to get that knee-cap looked at if it keeps it up. Sounds pretty ick D:

  5. i was actually in need of some fineliners, then i saw this and wanted to try them out, so i went out an bought them today! they work brilliantly :D

  6. i meant about the pentel brush pens* :')

  7. I'm glad you like them Mj! The Japanese know ink

  8. Anonymous18.1.10

    That's some really beautiful brush work, and the screen tone really sets it off.