January 24, 2010



I've been crazy busy lately, but I took a night off this week to print these lovely shirts for you.  
For you!  Yes, YOU!  YOU specifically!     AVAILABLE NEXT POST!

In Memorium of my now useless Polaroid 600

It's not the same, but it's a pretty cool machine.
Polaroid POGO review below

A few months ago, I got this super cool PoGo printer by Polaroid.  In my mourning over the death of Polaroid Instant Film, I was searching all over the place for something to fill the void.  And I wasn't about to drop $200 on a Fuji Instax.

I got this for $29 on eBay, and the ZINK refills are very inexpensive - around $20 for 100 exposures.  Of course, the picture isn't really an exposure, it's kind of a weird transfer, ink-less process.  The small, business card size picture comes out great! It takes about 45 seconds to print - and doubles as a sticker.

Now - I had it in my head that for our wedding we would set up a super awesome retro photobooth! { In summer of 2008, Andy and I took a fantastic 3,000 mile road trip to Iowa and back to see my grandparents.  Along the way we stopped at BIG FUN - the most wonderful toy store in the world! }

We took photos in this booth


Our photos from summer 2008
My chubby self, before Livestrong.com 

Did you know to rent one of those suckers for 3 hours is $1500?!  Nope - not doin' it.  So we're going to set up our awesome PoGo and have friends print digital slides.  


  • You can print from you cell phone, too, which is very cool 
  • The device is small and portable - you charge it up, throw it in a bag and take it anywhere, no outlet needed
draw backs

  • For the photobooth process - each person will have to turn the camera off after taking the picture, then on again to get the print screen to pop up, but that's not too bad. 
  • Also - beware that the Zink film does expire - not precisely by the exp. date but I wouldn't buy a ton of it and let it sit around for a long time.

All in all, I really like it - it doesn't have the nostalgia of the real Polaroid Instant film, but it's inexpensive and good quality.  I wouldn't call it a replacement, more like something similar - if that makes sense?  B+/A-


  1. You and your handsome kitty look so cute together!! And omg is that Juan Valdez?!?!? He is so HOT.

  2. Lovely tees! <3

    Also, the photobooth idea is such a great one! Shame the prices suck so hard for rental D;

    Great little review on the Pogo! I was thinking of getting one myself - and the price you got it on eBay is so enticing!

  3. $1500 D: that should be the price if someone breaks it... not renting it for 3 hours.

    Those Ts looks so cute O_O Love the grey =3 or.. the pink... can't decide

  4. A coworker was actually in the same photobooth/wedding conundrum so they sorta made their own too!

    20$ for 100 exsposures is a better going rate than the old film at least. I used to have a Captiva and the film was like 15$ for 10 pictures :(.

  5. omg i think i'll need to get one of those bad boys
    and yes
    super cute kitty ^^

  6. Alison - haha, that's my friend Greg from college, I think he's somewhere in South America now!

    Jayne, Emma - it comes in pink, too :)

    Jenny - it's just not the same, I miss the real thing! Wow over a $1 per picture! :0

  7. Nice Shirt!
    I used to have a Polaroid camera too but I don't know where it is now...

  8. My Polaroid 900 is also uselness now :(

    But it sounds like you've found a great alternative! $20 for 100 exposures doesn't seem all that bad!

  9. Haha of all things, my Polaroid is with the girl in top middle Polaroid - Noelle!

    We used it at her birthday party last year, and I forgot to get it back from her :D

  10. I've been eyeing that new pogo for some time now. But I still don't have the heart to retire my regular polaroid camera, even if I don't have any film for it. I am REALLY looking forward to your tshirts, I can't wait!

  11. I've been wanting the old polaroid camera for so long, but I can't find any. And I wasn't so sure about the pogo since it's just not the same without the signature white border frame. But do keep sharing your pogo pics. I'm curious about how they turn out and maybe I'll grow to love them.

  12. Thanks for the kind words!

    The Pogo is definitely not the same, and the Fuji isn't either - the Fuji gives you about 2/3rds the old Polaroid size

    But they aren't bad!

  13. Anonymous28.1.10

    Nice post;))