May 23, 2010

Flashe Paint review + Painting

C.C. Lowell's asked me to try out their newest paint; Flashe by LeFranc + Bourgeouis.  I'm always happy to oblige them!
Flashe is actually vinyl-based, like acrylics which can be almost plastic-based, they are extremely colorful and vibrant.  

- comes in a HUGE glass pot; you can probably paint from just the lid residue
- extremely flat matte; layer-able and smooth
- a bit inkier than acrylic paint, a little more translucent than gouache
- comes in a HUGE glass pot; you may not need this much
- if you like to blend smoothly, you will hate these
- not as opaque as text suggests

Flashe is not for everybody - it really depends on the kind of artist you are.  If you enjoy gouache, layering separate colors with little blending, then you will enjoy working with these.  If you are a watercolorist, these are paired really nicely with Aquaboard (*recommended)  If you are an oil painter and like to blend smoothly, you will hate these like poison.

Personally, I would invest in only a few colors that I'd use as a flat, mono-chromatic under painting on paper.  Lately I've been working like this: 1. colored pencil drawing on paper 2. flat under painting, usually neon aqua blue 3. final painting on top. (*I'll be posting this method soon, as I'm working on a new series for a show in February 2011)

However, they are on the expensive side: averaging $13 per color.  If you do small paintings, these will last you about 230 years.

Final grade: B



  1. OMG that's so beautiful!

  2. Lol 230 years. What an investment! XD

  3. I like your paintings!

  4. What a lovely, lovely painting!

  5. This reminds me, Mike promised to teach me to paint this summer... mwahahahaha!

    I love the bright colors you choose~ it's so... REFRESHING!

  6. Thanks for the kind words!

    Jenny - you should! Painting makes time stop :)

  7. Oh,so nice picture! welcome to my blog :D

  8. I agree. This paint is not for blending on your canvass. They also are not as opaque as they say. You'll need two coats at least. Having said that, they are pricey when you need multiple coats.

  9. Does acrylic paint adhere to the surface of Flashe Vinyl Paints ?

  10. I don't see a problem, even though I have never done it. The Flashe are water soluable and a matte finish, both would lend me to believe you can put acrylic on top of it.