May 30, 2010

The Four of Us Are Dying

The Four of Us Are Dying

You can purchase the William Shatner painting I also did for the show, HERE

I'm very excited LAWeekly's blog about the show mentioned this piece, Thanks!

"The Four of Us Are Dying is about a man who can change his face when he studies a picture.  As he creates a web of deception and theft, he subsequently destroys the lives of the people around him, and ultimately his own. "

Andy and I just wrapped up a marathon 48 hours at the Worcester Art Museum this weekend.  We were artist/mentors for Art All State - in it's 23rd year!

Every year, thousands of high school juniors apply to go to Art All State, but only 1 or 2 from each high school are awarded spots.  Those kids come from all over to spend a weekend at the museum, broken up into groups lead by two professional artists, and are challenged to create an entire installation artwork with only 3 surprise materials.

My partner was craftsman Steve Butler - a super cool guy who makes the most gorgeous furniture I've ever seen.  Our group was only given : colored wire, white trash bags, and three ring binders.  

Do you know what they did?? They made an entire sky serpent winding around our room, and a wire-girl floating away, with tons and tons of white trash bag clouds.  Fantastic.  Sadly, I had no time to actually take pictures.

And also - when teenagers see my artwork and think I'm cool - it feels like a tiny party inside my brain.  I'm cool!  Alright!

Ok friends, time to get back to work - on to the Ed Wood painting! Well, first, Alley needs to go out ...


  1. The way the colors glow on this is sick. Nice work.

  2. really kool these colors just pop out.

  3. 'And also - when teenagers see my artwork and think I'm cool - it feels like a tiny party inside my brain. I'm cool! Alright!' - The telltale sign that you're getting oooooooooooold! Hahahaha, you're always cool!!!!

  4. D: 3-ring binders wtf!? I would have never though of a sky serpent but it make so much total sense! Definitely talented kids~~

  5. Thanks (for the congrats, that is)!!!

    Also, your dog is ADORABLE! Reminds me a little of my dog. :) What breed?

    OH and re: your newer post, I love the way you incorporate actual clothing/fashion into your illustrations. Fantastic.