May 18, 2010

Koi in the sky

 the original sketch with some sky painted

 Genki-ya // our favorite sushi-joint in Brookline

Hawaii roll - sweet potato tempura, cream cheese, banana + mango slices on top 

The top image is a work in progress for Chopsticks NY; a magazine dedicated to all that is Japanese in New York.  A few more hours of work and it will be finished.  But it got me dreaming about our dinner last week at Genki-ya with Lindsay, Alex, Bamcat and Kate.

I like this place so much, I now want us to get an apartment in Brookline.  Preferably across the street.

I have a few Koi fish paper windsocks that I won in an auction.  They are these neat-o, vintage ones from the 60's.  A bit faded, but charming.


  1. Flyingkoi, I love this. This picture reminded me of an illustration by Bengal, a french comic artist.

  2. I love the flying koi and the windsocks! They always scream FESTIVAL to me ahaha

    I am hungry now

  3. you have very good food pics lately~! ah im jealous~~
    and the koi is beautiful ^_^

  4. Simply gorgeous painting. It looks amazing unfinished too.

  5. Sushi was so fun last time! Let's do it again soon :)

  6. Thanks for the kind words :)

    I'm thinking about leaving the building unfinished? Maybe improve the fish scales?

    Where is the UNDO button with painting...

  7. I think the building looks absolutely perfect. Maybe some black outline in the fish scales? I don't know though - I think it's pretty perfect as is. Don't undo!

  8. That picture is so pretty, it kind of reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki films! Thanks for the tip on the tylenol pm as well :] I do have a twitter account (bloodlikemilk), I just followed your account on there!