May 12, 2010

NYC - graffiti, izakaya + cats on Mars

cat on mars ... ball point pen on paper 2"x7"


Now, I'm not really into Times Square, just isn't my style.  BUT, it just so happens a great hole-in-the-wall izakaya is there called "Hagi"  It's a hidden place down some stairs, down a side street on 48th between 6th + 7th.  And wouldn't you know it, on the rare occassion I'm in the area, just a block down from us at the same time, the NYPD is defusing a car bomb.


But the onigiri was great!  And we were too stacked on Yuzu and shochu to notice. Which is a luxury of ignorance, if you know what I mean.

Misha's cat inspired me to do some sketching on the way home from New York. I really liked the neighborhood she is living in, a place called ReGo Park named for the Real Good Builders Company.  The heart wall art in the last photo is from a bridge by 63rd Ave. 

Well, I think that's it for the New York posts.  I've been working steadily on the Pirates of Mars graphic novel, as well as a number of paintings for some West coast galleries.  I'll be able to show more of that work really soon!


  1. Is that fried onigiri and takuan? Looks tasty!

  2. Wow that cat looks really good! I'm impressed!! Bravo!!!!

    lol at that distorted version of marilyn monroe... whose face is that?

  3. Oh snap.. that fried onigiri looks so yummy!

    The Marilyn Monroe picture looks like Abe Lincoln. Haaah.

  4. Ahh, i just woke up and that picture has me already craving lunch lol! Need to learn how to make onigiri ...

  5. Zoraida13.5.10

    My first thoughts upon seeing the Marilyn Monroe, "SPOCK!?!?!?!" LOL

    That onigiri looks like heaven! nom nom nom

  6. I love yaki onigiri!

  7. I'd never had it grilled before!
    Now I'm going to buy some from the market and burn them on my stove.

  8. Anonymous17.5.10

    I loved all of your NYC updates!

    And defusing a bomb? DEAR GOD, THAT'S HARDCORE!

    (Onigiri looks nommy!)

  9. I was WONDERING if you were near there during the bomb fiasco... DX