May 24, 2010

Pirates of Mars - Nami [なみ]

You may remember Nami from the pen + ink piece I did for Space 242's Robot show this past winter.  Nami is one of my favorite Pirates of Mars characters, and everything from her introduction to shocking plot twists keep her more complicated than she seems - and excitedly biting my tongue not to give away any spoilers!

Nami carries with her a set of old aviator headphones and a retro radio, she's modified herself.

Some early character designs + sketches

She was a bit too "waif-ish", so JJ let me go into super-cute Japanese kid mode, which was fun. 


  1. The outfit you put together is superb!

  2. You are SO good at putting these looks together & gathering everything. Do you use Polyvore or something? I want suspender short~~

  3. Thanks for the kind words! I've never used Polyvore, but I've seen lots of inspiring stuff on the site!

  4. Effing gorgeous as always! I don't think I've mentioned recently enough that I want to be you when I grow up...

    (Not meant to sound creepy, I just am obsessed with your art style!)

    Also--what is Pirates of Mars? I'm interested, but I googled it and couldn't find anything... :-/

  5. Elizabeth, you are the nicest ever, next time I'm in NYC we should do lunch!

    Pirates of Mars is a graphic novel I was hired to draw! Volume 1 will be out this summer!

    You can sign up for the mailing list at - they let you know when it's out

  6. Hi. Want to exchange links? My site is at

  7. aww she's so cuute :D I totally wish I had clothes like that. I'd wear them ALL THE TIME!! xD

  8. this character reminds me of serial experiments lain's LAIN

    i use to be obsessed about her lol
    esp when she was wearing her bear pjs

  9. those. shorts. they make me want to wear shorts...

    'yes' to batwing sweaters!