December 27, 2010

Boston at Christmastime

Hey friends,

Went into the city to study at the library while Andy taught a graphic novel class at Emerson.  Couldn't help but take a walk around and take pictures of the city lights.  [And the library ceilings, too!]

I feel smarter just walking up the Boston Public Library stairs.

Had to stop in the Harry + David store ... suddenly I feel like spending $5 on a pear.

 It was really good, but the pastille/chocolate covered dried fruit was ACES

My wonderful Aunt from Texas sent us a Harry & David gift box with pears, sharp cheddar, apples, crackers and chocolate cherries for Christmas!  We tried to savor it, but it was pretty much devoured immediately... ☆Thank you Faith!

I used to want Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys (April was cooler than Barbie) and purple vinyl Vans for Christmas, but now all I really want is good food!

and of course 
your birthday will never be combined with Christmas and 
subsequently forgotten as long as we're together. promise.


  1. Oh my gosh there's a Harry and David store? Yowza! and you got a gift box - yay and yum!! ;-)

  2. The library is so beautiful! I'd feel smart too if I went there. ^^

    Hahaha, I spent $5 on a piece of fruit once too. It was very worth it =)

  3. OOoooo dang, I really want to live in Boston for that library! Hahahaha.

    Merry (belated) Christmas!

  4. Your photos are lovely! Hope you had a lovely Christmas :D

  5. Yum food looks delicious. Yes, I would love super delicious food for Christmas!

    Haha, I'm so guilty of combining my friends' birthdays with Christmas. It just gets so hard when you have so many people's birthdays around this holiday.

  6. I adore the old buildings and their elaborate ceilings and grand chandeliers. There is an old library in Melbourne which looks like the photos you have taken.

    Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

  7. Oh lovely pictures, I would love to visit that library and gorge myself on dried fruit now haha.

  8. food equals awesome gift these days, happy birthday andy!! XD

  9. I love when big buildings switch out their exterior lights with green & red! A lot of them do it here & it's wonderful!