January 31, 2011

Don't erase

some ballpoint pen sketches from this week
One of the things I like to drill into my art students (who are usually 14 - 17 yr) is not to erase anything.

It's hard!  Like, really hard not to erase!

We typically spend our whole lives learning to desperately avoid mistakes - the second we touch paper "OH GEEZ I messed up" [erase erase erase] and thus there is more delete than draw.  I think subsequently it makes us into insufferably perfectionists.

So every time I lecture them on something like that, I have to go home and make sure I'm taking my own advice.  The above sketches have their share of problems I'd like to change.  Oh well.


Speaking of don't erase - there is literally no place to put anymore snow and no getting rid of it.  It just keeps piling up and piling up... everywhere

Hope you are all keeping warm - anyone reading this in MA.  We've been hit by a snowstorm almost weekly since before Christmas.  YOWZA.

 my trusty LL Beans - perfect for snowpocalypses and snowmageddons


  1. I love that top sketch! Is the bottom right Emma Watson?? She's just the iconic "pixie cut" girl of the moment so it reminds me of her. A few years ago it was Keira Knightly, LOL. Cute your hair like a boy = immediate street cred!

    Spring is gonna be quite a welcome for you guys!

  2. HOLY CRAP!!! THATS A SHIT LOAD OF SNOW! looks cool on the computer :) (not irl!)

    and those sketches are lovely and make me hate myself...

    OH yes pixie girl...is it emma, im gonna go on a limb and say she has too much FACE for such short hair, it works better on girls with smaller faces like carey mulligan...my fave will always be natalie portman when she just shaved it off for V it was FAB!

  3. I'm feeling cold to the bone just from looking at your snow pictures. Hope you guys are warm and toasty!

    I like your sketches! Especially how you shade *-*

  4. Nice sketches (regardless of the problems you see in them :) people do that a lot with themselves, don't they?)!
    I think "don't erase" is a great thing to teach--so good on that. I remember once in elementary school the art teacher asked us to try drawing him in different poses without looking down at the paper. I don't remember the exact reason why, of course, but it was interesting.

    Eh, you must be sick of the snow! We're about to get quite the snowstorm here in OK...at least, for us suth'ners it'll be a big deal.

  5. Thanks for the kind words, guys!

    I know it DOES look like Emma Watson, but wasn't intentional. Must've been thinking about her style subconsciously.

  6. Wow, I really would not know what to do if that much snow showed up besides being really excited at first and having snowball fights for the first few hours. Oh California, you definitely do not prepare me for the snow. If I ever have to move somewhere that snows, I would be so helpless.

  7. Anonymous2.2.11

    I liked reading what you said about not erasing stuff. In my business, copy editing/journalism, it's the same thing but with words. If you try to edit what you're writing while you write, it's not as good as if you just write, write, write then edit it and erase stuff at the very end.....

  8. SNOWMAGGEDONS!! YES! love this word ;)