January 21, 2011

Inspiration - Japanese makeup

I was flipping through some of my magazines this week, and got all kinds of inspired to do some pretty-lady drawings.  I'll post those next, cross my heart - hope to die


at B+D in Nagoya   ビーアンドデイー

I just loved buying makeup in Japan. The packaging is spectacular even though the sizes are crazy tiny.  
The quality is just really excellent, the pigments are great, the conveniences and packaging is great - the only downside is the price [Maquillage mascara was $30 - woo boy]

Before I got engaged, I was only so-so about makeup.  Not really on my radar, owned a bit of foundation blah blah blah.  But some kind of girl-switch went on in my brain after Andy put a ring on my finger and I suddenly felt really freaking pretty.  And wanted to get dolled up ever after.  Weird!

Interestingly, just days ago the New York Times ran this article on buying Japanese makeup in the US...

Brands I like/bought....   Majolica Majora  |   KATE  |  Kose  |  Koji   |  Canmake

Look at the packaging for their other MM products!  Whoa
It's like "magic sparkle princess amazing beautiful sunshine carousel fun world"


  1. I love Japanese brands. They are so awesome. I wish I would be more skilled at applying it though.

  2. Omg, I love their packaging too! There was some brand (I don't remember the name :( but they had anime style characters all over their packaging and I wanted to buy it all!

  3. OMG! Wow, I love that gold case!

  4. Water in Lip is AMAZING chapstick! AMAZINGGGG! hahahaha

  5. I know! haha "water in lip" delivers on it's own simple promise

  6. Very cute makeup! I love their packaging as well!!

  7. Whoo whoo Japanese cosmetics!

    So fail that I am allergic to their mascaras and many of their cosmetics (far too strong for my skin)! But yay, that Majolica Majora case was the one that was the same one that was in my give-away a few months bask (lol) :D

  8. Look at you sneaky girl with your pharmacy snap!!! I love pictures like these!
    I wish it were USA appropiate to dress like the above inspiration, every day, EVERY DAY.

  9. everything looks like candy..:9 I love pretty little things like those make up packages. I wish I could wear japanese make but sadly I am brown and it just looks weird on me (lol) those inspirations just make me want to be all mori grandpa style!